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Celebrating New Beginnings

Updated: Mar 31, 2019

Oh, the spring. The breeze in Dallas is warm. The sun is shining. Flowers have started to open up to the sky, speckling the view in color.

The Hindu Festival of Holi has come and gone. Ravi and I joined the rest of the TopShot Events team at Eagles Stadium in Allen on March 23rd to dance and douse each other in colors. The sky was dark, but stayed dry during the festivities.

The Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas did a great job executing Dallas Holi Fest with Radio Caravan.

This has been a really special year already for us. Ravi and I got settled in our new city and found a ton of new friends. I found a place in the kitchen at Herb's Social in Garland that I value tremendously. I've been able to be a part of radio ads, TV spots, and Mrs. South Asia World 2019 (which I will write about profusely next week!)

2019 is so far the most valuable year I've had. I am in a city that excites me. My friendships are uplifting. My relationship with Ravi is at an all time high. I've began to make a living exclusively by doing things that I love. I'm getting to exercise my creativity in all aspects of my life. Travel will be a big theme this year- we've got 3, if not 4 new countries on the calendar already.

It's only March. Think of all the incredible things that can happen over the next 9 months (NOT a baby reference- not even a little bit).

Some other new beginnings are some more professional partnerships I've made. I am so tremendously lucky to have the network that I do. TopShot Events is obviously a partnership that I am grateful for- Vinay introduced me to my husband and he's opened so many other doors for me in my life. Our team been a part of so many major events in DFW already and there's been a ton of growth for this company. I would recommend TopShot to execute literally any event- weddings, concerts, parties, anything. It's just so easy to have a single company with so many talents and skills within it. I'm so proud to be part of such a capable team. Ravi and I also love to snuggle Vinay's daughter, who is absolutely perfect in every way.

Vishnu Vardhan Photography is another. Vish is one of our favorite people on earth, anyway- he's an absolute saint. He adds value to every situation he's a part of and always carries himself with grace and humility. I had the pleasure of working with him yesterday for the first time in a personal photoshoot. He's remarkably talented, but working with him as a subject is very special. He has a clear vision and gives articulate guidance.

ChromaCreations, too! I honestly don't know how I lived so long without a preferred hair and makeup artist. It takes me a long time to develop a relationship with someone that I trust with my look. I still haven't found someone I trust to cut my bangs (almost went off on a tangent...) I actually was introduced to Amber through the Mrs. South Asia World 2019 pageant. She contacted me to do my hair and makeup for the show and something just clicked! Amber really has a firm grasp on what looks best on camera. She's brave and bold and her work epitomizes that. She's got such a talent. She's also a joy to have a conversation with, which is a blessing. A happy conversation with someone you trust to take care of you is the only way you should ever begin a special event.

Another is MyDream Entertainment. Rashmi and Janak Bedi are new friends to me and we haven't executed our first event together yet! They do so much work to celebrate the strength and power of womanhood. MyDream is the company that is putting on the Mrs. South Asia World 2019 pageant in Dallas, and have been doing Mrs. Bharaat in various other cities. They've been a pleasure to plan with and I'm really excited to be competing in this pageant- it's been almost 10 years since I was in a pageant (completely skipped the Miss category!) This pageant has given me an opportunity to introduce myself to Dallas, since I am newer here. It's provided a lot of great opportunities that I am very thankful to have. I expect this relationship to turn into not only other pageants, but expos and fashion shows throughout the year!

I also like to take every opportunity to express how thankful I am to Prashant of Bollywood Dreams Entertainment and Jai Ho! Dance Party for his role in my life. I'm posting a follow up blog to talk about how I was introduced to Bollywood events - it will soon be clickable here!

I want to thank everyone that supports me. I've been very fortunate to be able to choose to work in a restaurant kitchen and blog and do events and travel, instead of working a 9-5 in an office in the city. I couldn't have made that choice without guidance and love from so many people I've come into contact with.

Every morning, Ravi and I express gratitude to the gods in our home temple. I thank them for the life they've given me, for the patience and dedication required to have a successful marriage, for the happy souls that I spend my days with, for every exciting opportunity I've received, for the blessings on our finances, for the good health and hearty acceptance of our family members, and for the warmth of the sun.

Good things happen when you have an attitude of gratitude.

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