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Get Pampered: The 12 Days of Lower Stress Levels

In 2017, I was especially self conscious about my skin. My dermatologist said I didn't really have any issues, but I felt like the pores on my cheeks were massive. I used the skin creams she prescribed, but it just didn't feel like it was making enough of a difference to satisfy my self consciousness.

I turned to Groupon and found a 60 minute facial for $23. It was luxurious and relaxing. My aesthetician massaged the worry out of my cheeks and pampered my skin. I was fresh as a daisy.

6 weeks later, I booked another. Then I made it routine. I tried all kinds of different facials and different studios. Having fresh skin made me want to have my nails done. Having polished nails made me feel like a massage would make a difference. My stress melted away with every appointment.

One masseuse told me my muscles felt as if I didn't have any stress in the world. She was right. The tension really never had the opportunity to build up in my body because there would be some bright-eyes young lady massaging it out with aromatherapy oils before I even realized it was there.

I looked and felt incredible. The better my body felt, the less I even paid attention to my pores, which had improved significantly, but were still visible.

Taking time to be pampered felt like I was prioritizing myself. It reminded me that I'm important.

We're social creatures and respond to personal recognition, especially when it's physical. That's why we highly value hand shakes and pats on the back. Human touch releases endorphins. Endorphins make you happy.

Obviously the main concern with deciding to have regular beauty appointments is the expense. It should never indebt you or hinder your ability to meet your savings goals. Prioritizing you doesn't have to cost a fortune.

1. Try to find inexpensive options. Find a freelance masseuse willing to work out a deal, use a Groupon, or look for a studio with a punch card. If you have a business of your own, haggling or trading services can be worthwhile. Scoring deals take time to research and you'll need to have an idea of what your budget and schedule is, but the payoff influences so many aspects of your life.

2. Trade some of your less beneficial luxuries for pamper sessions with a professional. This means choosing a cheaper steak at Texas Roadhouse to tuck away those extra dollars you didn't spend in your "pamper piggybank". It means going to the leasing office for coffee a couple times a week to save money on Keurig pods. It means having one less drink at the bar on Friday, sneaking your own candy into the movie theater, and picking up your Chinese takeout instead of paying $2.99 for delivery. Sometimes you actually can afford the things you want, you've just been giving all your money away before thinking of how valuable each dollar can actually be to your health and well-being.

3. DIY. I once learned on YouTube how to give an awesome facial, using a rice cooker to steam my towels. Not going to lie- I was excellent. You can tag-team some treatments with friends, benefitting both of you! Massages can be extra special- sometimes you'll come across a couples' massage class to make sure you're getting a great massage and it's a great way to stoke the fire between you and your person. Home-made massage coupons are a lot better stocking stuffer if your partner knows what he's doing.

Stock up on gift certificates while they're on sale for the holidays or plan at-home facials with friends! You deserve a little stress relief at the hands of someone else. Sometimes you should get to lie down, empty your mind, and experience the bliss of massage.

Merry Christmas and happy new you!

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