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Winter Wedding Color: Pewter

As the breeze drops in temperature, we've all started layering up. In Dallas, the autumn has been fairly warm, but winter is only days away.

Winter seems like a very formal season. We put on our finest clothes and celebrate with formal dinners on fine china. It has a dramatic allure to it that spring and summer are missing.

Whites and silvers are very traditional for winter weddings. In the early 2000s, it seemed everyone's wedding theme was "winter wonderland". It was draped in white fabrics and studded with rhinestones. Crystals hung from tall centerpieces. It can look sterile and outdated.

I remember when we were planning our own wedding, my sister in law wanted our reception to be winter themed. It was to be complete with snowflake decor. I was raised in Seattle, which was where Ravi and I met- it snows there like 20 minutes a year. I vetoed that one.

If you're looking for that expensive, luxurious feel without the winter cliche, meet the majesty of metallic. Pewter is a grey alloy. It's darker than silver and doesn't reflect the way silver does. It's a strong, yet muted color that adds personality and depth to an event. It adds warmth without introducing another color profile.

I've always been a fan of thrifting. One great way to connect with your bridesmaids would be to go thrifting for centerpieces. Pewter trays, candlestick holders, and glassware are inexpensive and stunning. This also would take a ton of pressure off your floral budget, since many flowers are difficult or expensive to get in the winter.

Grey gowns with silver detailing fit this theme perfectly. Everyone looks amazing in grey tones. For South Asian brides, it's nontraditional to go with a white gown. This look is unique and memorable. Check these out for inspiration:

You can pair pewter with almost any accent color and it would look gorgeous. Some great options would be ruby or emerald. Jewel tones fit the metallic look very well and they're a bright, appropriate winter choice.

Metallic wedding cakes are also very modern. It is a very western tradition to have a wedding cake, so if you're looking to incorporate some western flair into your celebration, this would be a beautiful way to do so.

If you're in the Dallas area and are getting married in the next year, send me a message! I am an event specialist and execute events of all size and budget.

Follow my Color: Pewter Pinterest board for additional inspiration!

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